Reasons to be Cheerful

Last night I listened to some Ian Dury songs, rejoicing in fond memories and rich, gone, but not forgotten talent.

This morning, as the sea fetched squalls to my door, I was greeted by the following anonymous email in response to yesterday’s post. And I quote,

“Everyone is sniggering about your blog begging bowl. It’s two (one ) step removed from your desperate cry for a quid or two for reading your blog  a  few years ago?  So sad.  I’m sending this not because i want to hurt you . But because you’re embarrassing yourself.  Truly. Your ex-colleagues are ridiculing you…”

I don’t mind admitting that at first, I thought, “Who is this person? How can they be so cruel? And how can their grammar be so woeful?” And then I thought, “No, Mr. B! Are you really stupid enough to let this get to you?”

So, I didn’t. I decided to write about it instead, preferring to be grateful for the gift of something to write about. “I decided to be cheerful and I am.”

Incidentally, and I quote again, the title of the email was: “Pathetic”.

And finally, I am not embarrassed to say that the “begging bowl”, which I am continuing to promote on Eventbrite, will go ahead unchecked.

Thank you.

Don’t let’s walk into the sea.

2 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Fuck ’em!

    Hope my grammar is ok!

    Hit them with your rhythm stick.

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  2. That’s hilarious.


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