Happy times on Coronation Street. L to R David Neilson, Mark Bickerton, BAFTA, Helen Worth.
After a pint of Newton & Ridley in the Rovers Return!

Mark’s tribute to Liz Dawn – youtube

2:32 – 4:42
Script meeting in Kigali, Rwanda – L to R Mark Bickerton (Soap Opera Consultant) Kalissa (Producer) Perpetue (Writer).
Script Editing.
Research in the field with Prudence (Fixer) and the children of Uganda.
Studio microphone techniques.
Team-building in Rwanda & Burundi.  Mark (out of shot) introduces Musical Chairs!
Kalissa makes a point about Urunana (Hand in Hand).

“Biscuit s’il vous plaît M. Mutijima?” In Kinyawrandan they called me Mutijima (Kind heart).
I’m afraid Mutijima wasn’t so “kind-hearted” to this serpent he found under his bed in Kenya!
Speaking Volumes. New Leaf Celebration, 2019
Nurturing Audiences, ITV/Barclays Summit – a workshopper shares his story at Tobacco Dock, London.
Nurturing Audiences, ITV/Barclays Summit, Tobacco Dock – Mark tells a story.

20190227_141936              Speaking not singing.  New Leaf  Staff Conference 2019

Writing about depression with the tools of his trade. Photo by E.G.Brown

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