Play for Today

This morning I surface wondering if I’ve had a dream, vivid or otherwise, naked woman beside me or not.

I hear workmen outside; they’re surfacing too, laying bricks on the new roads on my estate. They will look nice when they are done, like parquet floors. The throbbing machines and voices are drowning birds but I know they are still singing somewhere. I will hear them when the men are finished. They’re making progress and so am I.

So I wonder what to do with the present of my new day. I have a friend’s play to read. I might do that, or I might watch the cricket. I might do both. I can multi-task if I want.

I can eat nice food because one of the good people, yet another special friend who’s rallied, has bought me some. I can go for a walk in the sunshine if I want. I might write some shit, who knows?

I’ll definitely smoke but probably won’t drink. But again I will if I want, because I can. If I want.

I can do what the fuck I like, I can do anything I want.

My road isn’t finished, I have a long long way to go.

But one thing is for sure, I’ll enjoy the day’s play. Life can be a dream and the best present of all is a future.

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  1. Good man you!

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