Kelvis the Pelvis

It’s been a while since I posted but this morning I felt compelled to write something about a very important vote. Not the one on Thursday – best forgotten – but the one last night on #Strictly Come Dancing The Final. Some time ago, when confessing I’d renounced my long-held snobbery of Saturday night TV, I predicted that my old colleague Kelvin Fletcher would ‘walk’ the final of a brilliant series and take away the glitter ball. Well, that prediction was correct and I’m sending my congratulation to Kelvin, who in my household will from now on and forever be called #Kelvis the Pelvis.

In other news, on logging on to WordPress after some weeks away, I noticed that someone got onto my website using the search term “Death of Mark Bickerton.” I admit to be being a bit weirded out, as I think the term is nowadays, and began to wonder who this person was, and more significantly whether they typed in the search bar with trepidation or wishfulness (if that’s a word) that they could verify my departure and knit gleefully at the guillotine. Whichever, and obviously I hope it was the former, I am here to tell them that at the time of writing I am still very much alive and kicking.

So here I am and here I’m hoping to stay, to be able to offer my loyal reader (I use the singular with some deliberation) seasonal greetings and all the very best wishes for 2020. No mourning yet in my house except for the passing of Strictly nights. I will have to do something else, or ask Alexa to get me up and dance around the livingroom.

1 thought on “Kelvis the Pelvis

  1. Not a Strictly fan myself Mark. but know many who delight in the programme. Nice that your old mate took the honours. Glad you’re still here with your finely-honed words, and wishing you and yours a serene and peaceful end of the year.


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