How to Pass the Time in Lockdown

A very good response to the challenge I set yesterday, I’m so pleased that so many of you are joining me in the effort to flex creative muscles and pass the time in lockdown and self-isolation. Competition was fierce but I am able to announce that the winner of that particular heat was Kevin Godier, whose entry can be found on – Congratulations, Kev!

Today’s challenge is a little more tricky. It’s another Bickerton Alphabestic but the rules are slightly different: this time you must write a sentence or paragraph whose words begin with Z to A, not A to Z. Also, while there is no stipulation about subject-matter, your work should be topical in some way. I chose the latest devastating news I heard from Strictly Come Dancing – that one of its professional dancers had quit. You can read my example below but I’m sure you can do better.

Zap your xylophones when virus upsets the Strictly ranks!  Quick – play out nonstop music Locatelli! Keyboard jingles in horny grooves for enchanting dance.  Come back AJ!

Over to you fellow writers.

Did I earn a coffee?

Times are hard for all of us, but for the self-employed like me it's very hard indeed. If you can spare a few coins they would be very gratefully received.


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