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I don’t know if it’s an April Fools joke but I read this morning that an erectile dysfunction drug called Aviptadil could be used to treat Covid-19. I mean good news if it’s true but I can’t help wondering if it will at the same time give the patient the stiffy of his life. If that’s the case I guess things are looking up. However, if you’re in lockdown like me, and living entirely alone, it’s a bit of a waste… besides stopping you from rolling out of bed.

Anyway, to the main reason for today’s blog – the second of my workshop exercises and the second “Bickerton Alphabestic”. It’s designed to be fun, boost morale in these difficult times, and to get the creative juices flowing.

So here’s the rules – you must write a sentence or paragraph of twenty-six words, with at least some meaning, where the first letter of each word reads acrostically from A to Z. It’s easier than you think so give it a go!

Here’s my example for your perusal – I’m sure you can do better – and by the way it doesn’t have to be about Coronavirus:

America-bound Covid-19 deadly epidemic fetched germs, hourly increasing.  “J-cloths kill lots maybe, nevertheless only pandemic quarantine rules!” stipulated Trump, unsettling vicious Wuhan xenophobes – Yank’s zeitgeist.


These are very hard times for freelancers like me with no income, so if you've enjoyed this post and can spare just a few pennies, they would be gratefully received. Thank you to those who've already helped.


2 thoughts on “Writers Wanted

  1. This is fun. How about…
    A big cock does eventually find good housing if jellied. KY leverages many new openings, particularly rare slots, typically under-hydrated. Very wet xtremities…. yippee!

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