Writers Called to Arms

I had a surprisingly good response to yesterday’s writing challenge, which was pleasing not least because it proved to me that I have more than two readers. Thanks to everyone who gave it a go, but there has to be a winner in this world and I hereby declare that the winner is paultales – https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/139110740/posts/117 Congratulations go to Paul but I had great fun reading all the entries, it was good for my morale.

One other positive side effect of Covid-19 is that I’ve been barricaded in and totally alone for twenty-one days, which has given me ample time to finish my book! I’m happy to say the final proof was submitted yesterday afternoon. Contractually, the publisher now has 290 days to produce the work and put it on the shelves… but “added to that period such period, if any, during which the production shall have been interrupted by Acts of War…”

Which got me thinking. Whether or not you subscribe to the conspiracy theory that this is a chemical attack, we kind of ARE in a war right now, and it’s up to writers to do their bit for the war effort. We are key workers, are we not, at least in the Qwerty sense? So in the spirit of entertainment, firing the imagination and boosting morale during these troubled times, I will be setting a few more challenges in the coming days.

Now more than ever, we need to stick together. From a distance of two metres, we’ll be Covid beaters.

Did I earn a bar of chocolate?

These are hard times for freelancers with no income. If you've enjoyed my work and are able to make a small contribution, it would be gratefully received.


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  1. Cheers Mark – Keep up the good work

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