How Volunteering is Good for Mental Health

It’s official

I hold my hands up, my previous blog was pitiful – it was one of my bad days where I vent my spleen in doggerel. But it wasn’t orange (which many of you will know is the colour of my dog) just a bit yellow, hence I knew it wouldn’t last. So today I’m feeling much much better. Today I’m feeling proud. I’m proud because it’s official, I’m a volunteer who’s cleaning miles and miles of hospital corridor. I’m a man doing his tiny bit to help those at the NHS frontline who risk their lives to save ours. Those who work around the clock yet still find time to express genuine gratitude for my small contribution to the war effort.

I like to think I’ve a life of achievements behind me. Tomorrow when I do it all again feels like one of the greatest in front of me.

1 thought on “How Volunteering is Good for Mental Health

  1. Keep up the good work, Corporal. Those Germs don’t like it up ’em, you know!


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