Dying to Get Better

It is over two years since I tried to end my life. Today on this World Mental Health Day I think back, and I’m jolly glad I was a failure on that day. I’ve packed so much into those two years, many profound things have happened, the most important of which is getting better.

I am better, yes. I am better because I made changes to my life, took important decisions I knew would be good for me. I renounced the many daemons I’d allowed to enter my life down the years. I even took the proper drugs, which I am now tapering. I accepted all the help on offer. I talked to people other than myself. But I never talked to the therapist because the talking therapy I was promised never happened. Not a word from them in over two years.

I am still in the system somewhere or other, but one day soon I’ll drop out of it. Or to be more precise, I will drop myself out of it. Because the truth is I have made myself better. I have made myself a success story again, in my career and in my life. I owe it to myself, and I owe it to significant others.

I don’t talk to the system now, I no longer wait for it to ask me. I talk to who I choose to talk to, the ones I know are good. Since that horrible day in 2019 I’ve been dying to get my mind and body better, because they are a team I need to support. The therapy I chose was here https://www.nantwichholistics.com/ and anyone within distance can choose it too. Believe me it is worth it. Believe me so are you.

I am going places again, so I am going nowhere.

2 thoughts on “Dying to Get Better

  1. Interesting take on the system Mark. My experiences with my father have nearly convinced me that my wife and I provide him with better care than the official pathways. The system is useful at rock bottom, as a buffer. but it doesn’t have the flexibility and subtlety that people need. In my limited experience. Best to use its lifebelts and then find your own way back on dry land.

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  2. Gary Bickerton Oct 10, 2021 — 4:02 pm

    That’s a brilliant new posting. So happy that you have got rid of your gremlins. Stay positive.x

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